EKLBB Greyhound Evening

Friday the 26th of November saw the members and partners of the EKLBB quote Literally “go to the dogs” for an entertaining evening of a relaxed drink and meal while being entertained by the team at Central Stadium Sittingbourne.

Organised in a fine manner by our own Fraser Gregory, the venue allocated us a private area where our members Guests and visitors could enjoy catching up in our pre Christmas event.

What was a relaxed atmosphere at first, turned into a frenzy of betting activity as our members and guests studied the form of the competitors list. As with most amateurs at these events, It soon became clear that the strategy had simply descended into “Which one we like the name of”

The Racing ensued and there was much chaotic cheering from the crows, all desperate for their choice to come home victorious.

Such was the success of this years event, we will be adding this to the 2022 calendar for the EKLBB

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