Have you heard of the Light Blues?

Neil Marshall writes:

Early in 2020, the Province of East Kent will be re-launching its new and reinvigorated Club for new and young Masons – the East Kent Light Blues Brothers.

The club aims to bring together Masons of all ages who have not received Provincial or Grand Rank so that they can share experiences and good fellowship.  Six ‘Light Blue Brothers’ from Lodges across East Kent have formed a Committee and are planning a Launch Event in the New Year.  The Committee Chairman is Howard Griffin, Secretary of the University Scheme’s St Augustine Lodge No.972.  Assistant Provincial Grand Masters David Graeme and David Alexander have offered Provincial support.

While the Club is run by Masons, it will not be purely Masonic in nature.  It is not attached to a Lodge, events are not Tyled (restricted to Masons), ritual is not practised, and the committee members will not be wearing special collars of office. Instead, the Club will be promoting the social side of Freemasonry, through a variety of events of all shapes and sizes, whether it’s a coach trip to a show, an evening in a local pub, a family picnic or a concert.  There should be something for everyone in the new EKLBBs.  We hope that this will help to bring together Brethren from around the Province, helping to build friendships across different Masonic Centres and strengthening fraternal bonds between Lodges.

Full membership is open to subscribing members of Lodges and Chapters in the Province of East Kent.  There will be a one-off joining fee of £10 – which even gets you a beautifully designed lapel pin, and which lasts until you receive Provincial or Grand Rank.  Brethren from other Provinces who occasionally work or reside in East Kent are welcome to join as Associate Members – and yes, they can have the lapel pin too!

Further information will be sent out from the Club in the coming weeks, including details of the Launch Event.  While you can’t formally sign up just yet, you can obtain a membership enquiry form by emailing comms@eklbb.org.uk: this will allow you to register your interest and help the Club plan events that fit in with the social interests of the members.

Credit to East Kent ‘The Provincial’ Magazine

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