Last Saturday saw the second event of the year take place for the East Kent light Blue Brothers at Dartford Clay shooting club.

We arrived at Dartford Clay pigeon shooting club at Dartford where they have a lovely club house which in side looks like an old-fashioned American hunting lodge. Had tea coffee and any thing you wanted to eat from full English to snacks.

Once we had all identified who were at the taster season we all got ourselves registered and went for a photo shoot in front of the light blues banner that had been put. All had a chat got to know who was who.

Started the safety briefing which was done by the East Kent Clay Masonic Association which took us through the do and don’ts. Make sure you don’t point a gun at any person and how to handle the fire arms.

We were then split into 5 groups as there were 25 people taking part and 5 East Kent Clay Masonic shooters to help and guide us through the shooting Experience. One of the guys in our group had brought his own gun and cartridges with him, asked if he could use this for the day, which he was allowed to use. His gun did make the most noise.

We then went into the shooting range huts where they had 5 different stations. We all had a box of 25 cartridges which were used 5 on each station. The stations the clays came in from the left, another that came in from the right both of these stations being the hardest to shoot at. The clay station that was the easiest was the one that went straight out in front and away from you. The last two stations the clays came at you from different angles, not to difficult.

All the time that we were in the shooting range stations the East Kent Masonic Clay shooters were stood next to or behind giving us their expert tuition so we could get the best out of the experience which they did brilliantly. We all thanked the guys after the event.

After the shoot they had a buffet which had been laid out in the club house which was a fantastic spread. That to all those that arranged the day as all that took part got the most out of the day.

EKLBB would like to thank Steve Ball, Roger Wilkes and Martin Lane and the whole of the East Kent shooting team for their time in arranging this function which was enjoyed by everyone.     

Darren Wilcock

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