East Kent light blues brothers

The New and Young Masons Club for East Kent


About Us

EKLBB is the New and Young Masons Club for the Province of East Kent.

The group aims to bring new and young Masons from across the region together to broaden their experience, connect with new friends and colleagues, and to enhance the value of being a Freemason. The group will host regular social events throughout the year and is fully supported by the Province and East Kent.

Membership of the East Kent Light Blues Brothers is open to any Mason from the Province of East Kent who has not yet attained Provincial or Grand rank, regardless of age or experience.


Launch Event

The EKLBB will be officially launched on the 29th February.  The event will take place at the Curious Brewery,
Ashford and is free for members to attend. 

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Membership of the EKLBB costs just a one-off charge of £10. Members can be Entered Apprentices up to Worshipful brethren that have not yet attained Provincial or Grand Rank. Members can be of all ages.

If you are a 'light blue', then you can become a member!

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